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Accreditation of companies by the customs

Any business, before starting own economic activity must undergo a mandatory accreditation in bodies Customs. Accreditation procedures can go both independently and through an intermediary (customs broker).

To accredit company in the customs authority must prepare and submit to the department of statistics customs at the place of business the following documents:

1. Constituent documents:

2. Minutes of the meeting (decisions, orders) to appoint head of (original and copy, stamped).

3. Certificate of state registration of a business entity. (Original and a copy certified by a notary).

4. Certificate of statistics on the inclusion of businesses - a legal entity in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine. (Copy, stamped firm).

5. Certificate of value added tax (hereinafter VAT), or a certificate from the tax authorities that the company is not VAT payer, or certificate of single tax payment (original and copy, stamped), or a letter of guarantee that the company is not VAT payer .

6. Information on registration tax (original and copy, stamped).

7. Order companies to appoint chief accountant (surname, first name, middle name, phone number - the original and a copy stamped).

8. Originals and copies of passports (stamped) all persons included in the registration card.

9. Information on the availability of authorized bank accounts (in the currency of Ukraine and foreign currency). (Original).

10. Orders for the company to appoint compliance officers to work with customs, their name, patronymic, passport details, signatures. (Originals).

11. Lease of premises (sublease) if no proper facilities, or certificate of ownership, the contract of sale premises. (Original and copy, stamped.)

12. Letter of notification of the presence or absence of foreign investment (in the case of payment of the authorized capital of foreign investments). (Original letter signed by the head and Ch. Accountant.)

13. If the head of the company is a foreign national or stateless person - as information about the enterprise, and the person - a citizen of Ukraine, which will temporarily perform the duties of the head during his absence, and ordered enterprise "on the appointment of temporary Acting head of the company "from reliance on it financial responsibility and liability for the company. If necessary - work permit and visa foreigner.

It should be noted that the above algorithm accreditation customs authorities is typical. In reality, each individual case may have its own peculiarities. We can take you prompt and professional assistance on accreditation of your company to customs authorities.


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