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EURO CONTINENT LLC provides search, purchase, clearance cars from Europe.

Cars from Europe

Recently, the popularity of buying a car in Europe is growing. This is due primarily to the quality conditions of such vehicles, namely road with high quality, first-class fuel, and systematic maintenance service centers within the European level. This directly affects the condition of the car. Second prices for cars from Europe is much more attractive than within the country.

One of the main activities of "Euro continent" are services associated with finding, buying, shipping, customs clearance and registration in the State Motor Vehicle Inspectorat. That we organize and control every phase of finding a car to his desk. We have developed a mechanism to optimize the cost and time for each of the above steps. This allows you to quickly and easily enjoy riding on clearance cars from Europe that bought at a lower price than you can buy in Ukraine.

You only need to contact us and provide information about your vehicle that you would like to buy outside of our country, we will do the rest.

Our advantages during customs clearance of car:

- Determining the exact amount of payments (taxes, excise, VAT);

- Ability of clearance vehicle through the company (extract reference-count);

- The certification of vehicles with the relevant authorities;

- Registration of car in State Motor Vehicle Inspectorat;

- Working with both individuals and with organizations;

- Purchase of vehicles of various types (cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, air transport, equipment);

- Business without intermediaries;

- The current system of cost optimization and time.

Find a foreign car

Below is a list of links to the most famous overseas sites where you can concentrate on finding a car for yourself:

Customs clearance of special equipment

If you own agricultural business, construction business or doing activities that require foreign special technique, "Euro Сontinent" provides customs clearance of such equipment.

In addition to customs clearance of our company is engaged in processing a complete list of permissions for this special equipment.



VIP car interior

"Euro Continent" Ltd. is the only official representative in Ukraine of German company «KLASSEN», which specializing in developing VIP car interiors. This company designs the passenger compartments of different models and embodies them into the life of the business elite and top officials of various countries. You can choose the same color scheme interior, material, type and color of the lights, and other options, accessories and interior items.

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