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Services - Customs-brokerage services

Our company provides services of placement of goods in a customs warehouse open type (customs license warehouse). That is, any company can take advantage of this service. Also can be placed various type products other than those prohibited to import, export or transit through the territory of Ukraine, live animals, humanitarian aid and goods whose shelf life for consumption or use of which is over. Composition of the highest standards , equipped with a modern security system, fire detection systems and video surveillance systems, so you can be sure of the safety of your cargo.
The more favorable product placement in a customs warehouse? First of all, your company can place goods without customs clearence in stock to do with such goods shall be exempt from the actual imposition of customs duties and non-tariff exempt from regulation. Then you can get customs clearance for the entire consignment, but only part of it as required or to the extent funds are available. Part not cleared the goods will be stored at the customs control.
Goods can be stored for 1095 days , the restrictions only concern excisable goods , they may be in a customs warehouse regime no more than 365 days.
Along with providing services for product placement in a customs warehouse, we provide a full range of storage services: loading, unloading, forming parties packaging. For this, we varied the available storage equipment.

Customs clearance of export, import and transit
Services - Customs-brokerage services

Timely and proper customs clearance of your goods is equal importance for the international carriage than just transportation. Our experts versed in the intricacies of international and national customs legislation and carry out clearance and customs clearing your goods quickly and professionally. Experienced customs brokers have served our company in Transcarpathia customs, customs brokers and our partners can help you in any country of the world. Our services in the field of customs clearance and cleaning include:

- Advice on any matters related to customs clearance, providing background information on the rates of customs duties;

- Immediate and complete customs documents (declarations of all types: import, export, transit, internal transit clearance preliminary declarations like imports EE previous posts, etc.);

- Accreditation of economic agents in customs;

- Certification of all types of cargo;

- Certification of copies of CD in customs for buying currency;

- Ability Operations with documents, if necessary, adjust until the cargo is still in port, which is excluded if the goods come into the internal Ukrainian customs under Customs software and more.


Customs valuation, calculation and optimization of customs duties
Services - Customs-brokerage services

For legal minimize customs payments by way of analysis, evaluation, reasoning, our company offers customs brokerage in the following areas:

- Pre-tax charges and duties levied in export-import operations;

- Ability to obtain preferential duty-free clearance as a contribution to the authorized capital of the company;

- Assistance in obtaining official documents and decisions from expert institutions and customs authorities regarding the determination of the country of origin and the correct classification of goods;

- Consulting in determining the customs value, the product code for the lowest legal rates applying correct tariff rates, the possibility of the use of privileged or preferential rates, special kinds of duties, duty free, the Generalized System of Preferences and other consultations this subject.

If you want to know more about the customs valuation or calculation and optimization of customs duties or customs brokerage order, contact us at our email or call.

When imported goods into the country, the importer must declare the customs value of the goods and pay 20% VAT, import duties and, if necessary, excise and customs duties.

Interest and penalties required customs duties is based on the declared customs value of one of the methods listed below:

- The price of the transaction;

- Method of identical goods;

- Method value of similar goods;

- The method of subtracting the cost;

- Method of adding value;

- Backup method (used when it is impossible to use any other method).

It should also be aware that Customs can raise the customs value of the goods declared above, if it is considered low. Moreover, the transfer value is based on statistical prices are usually higher real market. Because it can lead to financial losses, and the procedure of customs valuation in Ukraine is complicated considering the need royalties, transportation, commissions, insurance and other costs incurred, then determine the correct customs value of goods is a prerequisite fixing the Ukrainian market.


Getting EORI number
Services - Customs-brokerage services

From 1 July 2010 all economic entities from any CIS countries, participating in customs clearance in the EU, must be registered in the registration and identification of economic operators EORI (Economic Operator's Registration and Indentification) for an identification code EORI (EORI code). Code used in the course of all economic transactions and the performance of custom framed on EU territory. EORI to fill in the corresponding boxes of customs declarations and the TIR Carnet when executing orders for international shipping, also in the email TIR EPD, when applying the system NCTS. Lack EORI code does not allow entry into the customs territory of the EU.

Our experts will help you quickly make the necessary documents and obtain the number EORI (EORI number).

Виготовлення всіх необхідних митних документів
Services - Customs-brokerage services

Перелік документів та відомостей, необхідних для здійснення митного контролю, і порядок їх подання визначаються Кабінетом Міністрів України. Як правило, такі переліки містяться в Типових технологічних схемах пропуску через державний кордон України автомобільних, водних, залізничних та повітряних транспортних засобів перевізників.

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