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Our company provides services of placement of goods in a customs warehouse open type (customs license warehouse). That is, any company can take advantage of this service. Also can be placed various type products other than those prohibited to import, export or transit through the territory of Ukraine, live animals, humanitarian aid and goods whose shelf life for consumption or use of which is over. Composition of the highest standards , equipped with a modern security system, fire detection systems and video surveillance systems, so you can be sure of the safety of your cargo.
The more favorable product placement in a customs warehouse? First of all, your company can place goods without customs clearence in stock to do with such goods shall be exempt from the actual imposition of customs duties and non-tariff exempt from regulation. Then you can get customs clearance for the entire consignment, but only part of it as required or to the extent funds are available. Part not cleared the goods will be stored at the customs control.
Goods can be stored for 1095 days , the restrictions only concern excisable goods , they may be in a customs warehouse regime no more than 365 days.
Along with providing services for product placement in a customs warehouse, we provide a full range of storage services: loading, unloading, forming parties packaging. For this, we varied the available storage equipment.


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