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"Euro Continent" Ltd. offers a full range of customs brokerage and freight forwarding services

1. Customs-brokerage services;

2. Customs clearance of cars;

3. Organization of international transportation and transportation within the country;

4. Clearance of goods at the customs warehouse (customs license warehouse);

5. Warehousing and a full range of storage services;

6. Professional consultation customs laws and logistics sphere.

Main advantages:

1. Separated departments of the customs clearance, freight forwarding services, accountancy:

- Certified experts;
- A great experience;
- A professional approach to responsibility.

2. Convenient geographical location:

- Our company is located in the city of Uzhgorod, Transcarpathia and at the crossroads of international routes M06 M08, which makes it possible to reduce the costs of trade flows from Eastern and Western Europe.

3. Top quality and a complete list of customs brokerage and freight forwarding services:

- Excellent service;
- Friendly and competent staff;
- Customs broker activity license;
- Existence of WMS system (Diamond Bridge);

4. Security warehousing of your product:

- ADR goods;
- Permanent storage.

5. Availability of modern WMS system Diamond Bridge:

- Full logic control documents;
- Possibility of electronic declaration;
- Saving time for customs clearance.

6. Great experience in the market of customs services of Ukraine and abroad:

- Reliable partners can stably and efficiently serve a variety of contracts;
- An excellent reputation in the field of customs brokerage and freight forwarding services, supported by positive feedback from all of our customers.




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